Burge Binyamina: One of the Most Versatile Event Settings in Israel

An ideal venue for any type of event should be sophisticated as well as logistically practical. Whether it’s a business meeting or a wedding ceremony, the venue is of tremendous significance; the ambiance, decorations, etc., can make or break the event. It’s extremely important to choose a setting that not only has a compelling effect on the guests but also matches the criteria of the event theme.

Regarded as one of the most scenic venue settings in Israel, Burge Binyamina is ideal for all types of events. The serene ambiance of lush avocado trees surrounding the venue, backed by the historic Khan gives Binyamina an enchanting look.

Burge Binyamina: A Picturesque Location with Premium Amenities

Located in the center of some of the popular tourist sites of Israel such as Dor Beach, Binyamina, Carmel Beach, etc., Burge Binyamina is one of the most sought-after event venues in the country. The extremely cordial staff and guest-friendly amenities add to the ethereal aura of the venue. Here is a list of some of the services provided at the venue:

Private Meeting Rooms: Ideal for smaller events, the private rooms at the venue can accommodate 20 people at the table and 30 in the theatre area.

Crusader Rooms: The crusader rooms are considerably larger than the private meeting rooms and are best suited for screenings and business presentations. The rooms have a seating capacity of 80 at the table and 100 in the theatre area.

Gallery: The gallery is an enormous transparent space that overlooks the garden space. It’s ideal for conducting conferences, lectures, or dinners, and can accommodate 80 people at the table and 100 in the theatre area.

Binyamina’s Stringent Anti-Covid Measures

To ensure the safety of the guests as well as the staff, the following precautionary measures are taken in Burge Binyamina:

Temperature Checks and Hygiene practices: Before entering the venue, the guests, as well as the staff, have to undergo temperature checks. The venue premises are sanitized regularly and maintained as per robust hygiene standards.

Social Distancing Measures: In strict adherence to Govt.’s anti-covid protocol, guests and staff members are mandated to keep a 2 m distance from each other throughout the event.

Mandatory Masks: Guests and staff members are mandated to wear masks at all times.

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