Burge Binyamina: A Truly Remarkable Garden Event Experience

We all have some occasions that are dear to our hearts. Whether it’s a wedding, business party, or school reunion, these life events call for an extravagant celebration with family and friends; moreover, downsizing them is simply not an option! The dedicated staff at Burge Binyamina understands how important such events are to you and your loved ones, hence they offer you a mesmerizing ambiance along with premium services in a safe, socially responsible, and sanitized environment. Over the years, hundreds of people have celebrated weddings, parties, etc., at Binyamina, leaving behind a trail of beautiful memories.

Burge Binyamina’s Enchanting Garden Venues

Burge Binyamina’s picturesque garden venues are its specialty. Featuring the historic Khan as a backdrop, these sprawling garden terraces have bountiful avocado plantations, a beautiful gallery, and great seating capacity – everything you need to make your event experience a memorable one. Here are some of the amenities offered by Binyamina:

Catering and Bar Services: Venues are only as good as the food served there! Thanks to Binyamina’s premium catering and bar services, you can savor the most delectable meals and drinks.

Huge Seating Capacity: The expansive lawn terraces can accommodate 600 people sitting / 1000 people standing.

Gallery: This is a transparent space overlooking the garden and fields; ideal for lectures, conferences, etc. It can accommodate 80 people sitting at tables / 1000 people standing.

Wooden Pergolas: The venue boasts 2 massive wooden pergolas, each having a base area of 60 square meters.

Burge Binyamina’s Rigorous Anti-Covid Measures

In order to ensure maximum safety for its guests amid the pandemic, Binyamina has adopted these measures:

Mandatory Masks and Temperature Checks: As a basic anti-COVID measure, all guests are mandated to wear masks and undergo a temperature check before entering the venue.

Hand Sanitizers/Social Distancing: For curbing the spread of infection, guests are mandated to use hand sanitizers before entry and maintain a 6-ft social distance once inside the premises.

Hygienic Practices: All staff members are required to maintain high hygiene standards and follow the anti-COVID protocols mandated by the Government.

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